Wolfman Chuck became apparent to me when I first started writing acoustic horror punk music back in the first half of 2015. The concept of playing upbeat ukulele tunes underneath grotesque and offensive lyrics was something I’d never fathomed before, but I’m not ashamed to admit that it wasn’t long before I picked up my ukulele and started writing spooky songs as well. I even got the opportunity to do a split with him and Afterlife Love Machine in that same year. There’s something about the two paradoxical elements colliding in ukulele horror music that makes it so catchy and intriguing.


Another Confession is Wolfman Chuck’s third full-length album, featuring ten new tracks you would expect from the keeper of the Spookalele himself, although in comparison to his previous works, some of the tunes deviate a bit from Chuck’s usual sound. While there’s no shortage of politically incorrect lyrics that would make your Catholic mother cry, instrumentally, we get to hear a little experimentation, which I think played overall in the album’s favor. The track, “Ballad Of Ronnie”, has a chord progression and strumming pattern that sounds like something yanked from the early 60s. Other songs like “Wolfman Chuck” and “Gore To The Whore” lure you in with a false sense of security before bludgeoning you upside the head with Chuck’s signature way with words. But my favorite track, “Rotten Pumpkins”, has a storyline so ridiculous that I can’t help but love it to death.

If you’re a diehard Chuck fan, this album won’t disappoint. It plays through nicely, and keeps your toes tapping and your neighbors at bay. The Wolfman continues to be a cornerstone in the horror punk community, and I can’t tell you how many other artists (including myself) that he’s influenced with his melodically vulgar tunes. If you wanna check this album out for yourself, or buy a physical copy of it, the links to his Bandcamp, Big Cartel, and Facebook are below.





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